What Can Anyone Do About Dharavi?

Watch the video: It was huge. Unbelievably large. I could hardly fathom how large it was. I had just arrived in Bombay (many years ago, when it was still called Bombay...now Mumbai), and I was leaving the area of the airport and traversing a huge slum, that is like a city unto itself, and even has its own name, Dharavi. I was fascinated, and over the following months learned much about it. There are over 1.2 million people living in one of the world’s largest slum areas. It continues to grow, where people create makeshift homes for themselves out of cardboard and plastic, quite literally out of whatever garbage they can find. Death is a regular part of life, but more often than is righ

REX Club

All 1st-5th graders are welcome! We meet the first Friday every month from October-May in the Lighthouse. Parents are welcome to stay and participate! We begin at 6:30p and end at 8:00p.

Robotics Ministry

Every Wednesday at 6:00p. Calling all technology enthusiasts! Please join us in the Lighthouse where we will design, build, and program a Lego robot for this year's challenge. Youth ages 4th-8th grade can compete, but all ages are welcome. No experience required.

Women of the E.L.C.A.

32nd Annual Convention & Gathering: "Celebrating Fruits of the Spirit" November 1 & 2 King of Glory Lutheran Church 10280 Slater Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708

It's Not Your Call!

Watch the video: I think the thing that most confuses my students, whether when I was seminary director, or subsequently, in other groups with whom I have had the privilege of sharing lectures, has been my insistence that we cannot fully understand God’s will. Although we are God’s servants and understand ourselves to be following God’s will, and have been gifted with God’s Holy Word, we are not in a position to decide what God’s will may be. That troubles us immensely sometimes, particularly when we want God to be on our side. Many times, Christians really seem to want to stand in judgement of others who may not be in agreement about some basic truths, irrespective of a given individual’

How Loud is Your Celebration?

Watch the video: At the best of times, travel can be stressful. When one is late, it’s a nightmare. I was running late for a flight to Asia. I was scheduled to deliver some lectures on cross-cultural communication for the Southeast Asian contingent of invitees for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Seoul, S.K. I had to catch the flight in Minneapolis, and although I was sort of familiar with the airport, it was still a bit confusing. Roads were icy and treacherous, traffic was bad, and I was altogether stressed. I got into the TSA lineup and proceeded to take my jacket off, my shoes and belt off, and the contents of my carry-on out of the briefcase I was carrying...the compute

Lutheran World Relief

As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, your help will make a difference. Lutheran World Relief is coordinating continuously with our partners on the ground to deliver lifesaving emergency aid. Please give generously today. God bless you. Click here to give.

Be the Church

Watch the video: Rally Sunday has arrived! There are so many ways to get involved in the ministry of our church. Let’s be honest, our worship setting does not get prepared through magic or some special prayer in the hymnal. Our church does ministry because members have heard the Call of the Holy Spirit and said, “Yes, I can do that!” The problem is that only about 20% of our congregation does 80% of the work. One of the greatest things about this Sunday, is that we look at concrete ways to get involved, become more active in our faith community and meet more of our amazing members. We have a Life-Changing message, a World-Changing message to proclaim and share as followers of Jesus! Each

The Awkwardness of Humility

Watch the video: It was hot. Stifling, in fact. The A/C units at the Douala airport had passed on many years before. The overwhelming heat was further complicated by the discomfort of being in a relatively tiny “embarkation lounge,” with way too many people, waiting and waiting for the flight to be boarded. Three and a half hours after the appointed departure time, they announced that boarding would begin. I was sweating buckets. We all were. I was uncomfortable and grumpy and tired, and I just wanted to get into an air-conditioned space as soon as I could. No one queues in Douala, and I didn’t want to wrestle with other, equally exhausted people, so I prepared myself for the wait.


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