6/28/15 – On The Edge – Gospel: Mark 5:21-43


6/28/15 – On The Edge – Gospel: Mark 5:21-43

Swimming and summer go together. When little children first come to know the swimming pool,

 it can be an overwhelming experience for them. The first time little ones jump into a swimming pool can be a test of their abilities and of how much they trust that parent waiting to catch them in the shallow water. We've all seen it I would guess; the toddler standing on the pool deck, hesitant to jump to the parent. He may start to giggle nervously and run to the other parent making a game of it. But the parent in the pool stands firm until that little one makes the jump. When the toddler makes his way back to the edge of that pool deck, the parent says something like, "Jump to me. Look only at me. I'll catch you. I promise."

How much are we like that little child, wanting to trust in God, but afraid to make the leap? Why do we hesitate? What proof do we need that He will catch us?

Join us as we try to answer these questions.

Mindy Bugaj, Ministry Assistant