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Sermon on Sunday, April 12th, 2015.  Gospel: John 19: 20-31.
Greetings open doors to new relationships and sustain old ones.  Within greetings we have opportunities to reflect who we are and how we feel.  
We have so many ways to greet one another in our culture.  Just a few common ones include:  hi, hello, good morning, good afternoon, how’ve you been?, good to see you.    
Have you seen the videos of returning service men and women being greeted by loved ones following deployments?   The common phrase “Welcome home,” means so much more in these instances.   
Jesus greeted the disciples with a common greeting.  Or was it a common greeting?  What was the purpose of Jesus greeting the disciples with a call of peace?  
Join us as we will try to gain an understanding of Jesus' call for us to open doors and share His greeting with others. 
Mindy Bugaj, Ministry Assistant