What Has He Done?!?



Sermon on Sunday, March 22, 2015. Gospel: John 12:20-33
When you slip and fall on a concrete floor and hit your head, it hurts. Even if the fall isn't so terribly serious, one really horrifying reality is

the sound that is made. It is kind of a hollow popping sound, which is pretty hard to describe. (Imagine playing baseball with a watermelon, and the sound made when a "fly-ball" is struck....) In our home in Cameroon, all the floors were concrete, and having toddlers in such a place is a bit scary. Over time, the floors become worn, and the regular paths are evident; cracks begin to appear, and there is some discoloration. When he was very little, just learning to walk, but wanting to run, Elias tripped and hit his head on the floor...not too hard, but the sound was rather frightening. I saw his eyes...a combination of shock and surprise, and possibly a little bit of pain. I had only an instant to react, before the flood of inconsolable waterworks began. I quickly threw myself to the ground, right by where he fell, exclaiming, "What did you do???" I began to peer carefully at the floor, and I found one of the cracks that was there. "Oh no," I said, "look, its cracked..." I gazed around quickly and saw a floor mat in front of the door. "Quick, get the mat, before anybody sees it." Poor Elias was so bewildered by my behavior, he complied. Join us and we shall explore precisely what it is that Jesus has done. 

Rev. Dr. Luther Symons