The Big IF....????


       I once asked my dad why he ever only seemed to purchase one brand of car. Apparently his brand loyalty arose just before 
WWII, post Great Depression. He had seen a billboard advertisement for one of the companies, proclaiming "we're going to put a car in the driveway of every home in America!" At twelve years of age, he was very excited about this, and talked about it at home with his mother and his siblings. When, after some time, the new car was never delivered, he asked his dad.
     My grandpa was a very patient man, and just smiled. He said to my dad, we'll go check tomorrow. The following day, they went together to a car dealership and found out was that they would be happy to send a new car home, but only if you left them at least $808 dollars. (This was 1940). My dad said that he was so disillusioned with this company and its "false" promise, he never bought one of their cars.

     Join us as we explore the universality of God's love in the redemptive gift of Jesus the Christ, and the qualifying "if". 

Rev. Dr. Luther Symons