The Cross: A Real Living Symbol


I have dozens of Bibles in my office, in several languages. Most are in English, 

and represent a broad selection of the wide variety of English translations that are, or have been on the market. One of my personal interests is to examine how these translations differ. In so doing, I believe that I have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, than might otherwise be the case. Someone once asked me, "Which is Bible is the most important to you, being the best translation?" The critical qualification that came at the end of her question, made it so much more difficult. Knowing which I consider to be the best translation, is of course is a difficult question and needs to be explained in some detail. But at first, I heard only the part of the question about which Bible is most important to me...that question is much simpler...because one of them has become a symbol to me that has another deep, symbolic significance. 
Crosses are like that too. They are not simply signs pointing to something...they are symbols that certainly point to another reality, but also participate in that reality. 

~Pr. Luther
Sunday, March 1, 2015