God's Repair Shop is Open

Good News! God's Repair Shop has NOT gone out of business as expected! There are those that bemoan the demise of the church. There are those who accuse the scriptures of being inadequate for the lives of men and women in the world today... too old, too primitive, too fanciful, too violent... you name it. Luke wrote the 'good news' so that "you, most honorable Theophilus... may have confidence in the soundness of the instruction you have received." Who is Theophilus? And what does he have to do with us? And what does it matter if he has confidence (i.e. faith) in the instruction (what Jesus taught) that he had received? 
Let me give you a hint... it is about getting us 'fixed up' just right. This weekend we commemorate St Luke the Physician with our healing service at all three services. Everyone who desires prayer for healing will have the opportunity to be prayed for. Come to worship and be made whole at our casual service at 5:30 on Saturday, our traditional service at 8:30 a.m. Sunday or our contemporary service on Sunday at 11:  a.m. 
Blessings to all, 
Pastor Karla