Words To Live By
Are You Happy?


Are you happy? And I mean happy… not content, not just “ok”,  not happy enough…but truly and deeply happy. The happy that is more than a feeling. That’s the “happy” I have in mind. 

Embracing Change


Phil Cooke is a consultant. He helps organizations that are stuck get moving again. He wrote the following comment about his work:  “So many people are locked into old ways of thinking, tired methods, and useless techniques, that it’s almost impossible to get them to see the possibilities of the new.  I’m often brought into an organization facing serious challenges, only to be limited by their frustrating desire to continue old ways of thinking. The truth is, if the old way of thinking worked, why would they need me? And yet they persist

Character and Emotion


Emotion is necessary. Feeling your feelings is part of being healthy. Being able to distinguish between disappointment, anger, frustration and pain are part of maturity. Those who never cry are emotionally crippled… so why then do we apologize for crying? Those who stuff their emotions end up being numb…why then, do we feel uncomfortable when someone around us grieves? The happier emotions seem to be more, well, acceptable. Why then, do we believe emotion, either high or low, has no place in public life?

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