Embracing Change


Phil Cooke is a consultant. He helps organizations that are stuck get moving again. He wrote the following comment about his work:  “So many people are locked into old ways of thinking, tired methods, and useless techniques, that it’s almost impossible to get them to see the possibilities of the new.  I’m often brought into an organization facing serious challenges, only to be limited by their frustrating desire to continue old ways of thinking. The truth is, if the old way of thinking worked, why would they need me? And yet they persist

 in doing the same thing(s) in the same way(s) but wanting different results.” (blog www.philcooke.com 10/11/2011)


People do that all the time… wanting things to be different, but approaching their problems the same old way. We are, sadly, creatures of habit. Even when we see the damage done and recognize the need for change, we hate to admit we need to start from the ground up doing something different… BEING SOMEONE DIFFERENT.


We suffer, and so does the world around us, when we continue to do things that we have outgrown. People instinctively understand this with their children. We all have traditions around particular holidays, but we do them differently when the children are in their teens from when the children were toddlers. We have to be able to recognize and respond to the changes in our lives, both individually and as a community. 


You can call it what you like: adaptability, flexibility, openness or something else; the bottom line is strength lies in staying constantly aware of the nuances in the relationships around you. Being responsive to the changing landscape of life can seem exhausting, but in reality, it is real life. Resisting change, trying to hang onto a static past, is fruitless and even dangerous. That past doesn’t exist any more. Clinging to a fantasy of “how it has always been” will leave you depleted. Nothing stays the same, and neither does any person. Embrace the constant movement of life and you will be the stronger for it. Respond positively to change, even the hard things, and it will lead to growth rather than disintegration.


The Psalmist declared the greatness of the LORD by calling for a celebration of the changing times for the Israelites. Psalm 96 starts out

Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth…” commanding a new attitude to go with changed circumstances. So embrace change. Adapt. Flex. Celebrate.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Karla

October 13, 2011