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Quality of Life and Sanctification


Last week I said, “Life is good because God loves us and gave it to us, and Jesus gave his life to redeem ours.” The value of one's life is different, however, than our perceived quality of life. Some have become confused. 

Truly, our life has value because God said it was good in the creation story. We have “quality of life” when we are fulfilling our calling by doing the will of God. 


Our sense of fulfillment in life is directly proportional with the degree to which our daily lives parallel God’s will for us and to which we use the talents and gifts God has given us. Talk of a “calling” always seems to lead to verbs such as responding, answering, doing. Please do not be confused about salvation. It is not a measure of our fulfillment. Salvation is a gift. We cannot earn salvation. Salvation isn’t about “doing” beyond what Jesus did for us on the cross. Our salvation is totally a matter of grace. Grace isn’t about doing either. So grace, salvation and life are all gifts and do not have their source in us. I will go so far as to say even that we have no partnership with God in the gifts of grace or salvation.


Sanctification, however, is a different matter. While salvation is something Jesus took care of on the cross, a gift of grace, sanctification is something we truly must partner with God to receive. For a follower of Christ, our sense of quality of life is a function of sanctification, which simply put, means “becoming holy.” We will not find meaningful happiness, contentment, joy or purpose outside of living a life of service, seeking righteousness, giving and receiving forgiveness and the building up of the body of Christ, the church. Like salvation, however, it is not something we can do for ourselves. It is not by our own choice or effort that we are righteous or holy. It is in daily surrendering our own will to the power and love of God, letting go of our own ideas, releasing our worries and tensions to rest on God’s trustworthy guidance. It isn’t about striving to achieve God’s will, but releasing into God’s presence. It is a beautiful state of being. I wish it to you.