Spring Training For Our Faith Print


Hey baseball fans, the season is just around the corner! The pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training, and the rest of the team will follow fairly soon. Spring training is a time for the players to review the fundamentals, get back into the best possible physical condition, review and practice their playbook, and gel as a team. They will play better throughout the season if they work hard and make the most of their time in spring training.


In the world of professional sports today, the athletes can ill afford to “let themselves go” and get out of shape during the off-season. The sport is just too competitive and there is too much at stake. They don’t dare risk getting cut from the team by not being prepared. Well, we could say the same thing about our faith. 

There is just too much at stake to let ourselves get out of shape spiritually. There are people who are suffering and hopeless who need our help. There are people who are hungry for love, fulfillment and purpose who need to hear the good news of Jesus, our Savior. There are people who are bound by fear, addiction, resentment, guilt, and many other powerful forces who are in desperate need for forgiveness and the freedom it gives.


It is important for us to stay “prayed up” so we have the strength to endure when hard times come our way. It is important, from time to time, to review the fundamentals of what we believe and why. It is definitely important that we refresh our spirits with a dedicated effort to study the Bible. If we are going to be good witnesses of God’s love, it is vitally important that we gel as the people of God. Why? Not for our own benefit, but so we can be the blessing God calls us to be.


Lent, the season of reflection and penitence before Easter, is coming up and that is the perfect time to “send ourselves to spring training camp” for the faith. Here at Incarnation we will have extra worship opportunities on Wednesday evenings following the theme of “What If Jesus Were Here Today?” A personal “spring training” would be a great time to learn contemplative prayer, join a Bible Study, take a class, or volunteer some act of service for others. All of it stretches our spiritual muscles and improves our core strength.


I hope you will join me in dedicating yourself to some serious “spring training” for your faith this year.


Blessings to you from Pastor Karla