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Comparison: A Lose/Lose Proposition

           I used to feel badly for my brother.  When we were both in school together, we were often compared, and usually not in an uplifting way for him.  Teachers would say to him, “Why can’t you be more like your brother.”  Well, he wasn’t me, and the picture was entirely different for a couple of reasons.  First, I was a year older, and academics were simply not as challenging for me as they seemed to be for him.  Second, I was more withdrawn; quiet, studious, introverted. My brother on the other hand was not really into schoolwork or reading.  He liked sports and physical activity of any sort.  He was athletic and more than anything, he was gregarious.  He made friends incredibly easily…he was open and friendly, and people really liked him.  He didn’t need to be “like” me at all.  In his own right he was his own person.  Comparisons between us, were ultimately as meaningless as they were unhelpful.  Indeed, if anything, such comparisons were always hurtful, especially to him.  More often than not, when a teacher said such a thing to him, it wasn’t to encourage or support, but rather to criticize and condemn.

            Now that I am older, I have had such experiences.  To a certain extent, it is normal for people to make comparisons, so when you work in a parish, it isn’t surprising to be compared with a previous pastor.  For the most part, I am neither offended, nor delighted in such comparison, because I understand its futility.  What does concern me from time to time, is when such comparisons are made not as a matter of positive observation, or to be helpful, but with the intent to do harm.  It says much more about the person making the comparison than it does about those being compared. 

            So why do we all do it?  Comparison really is a lose/lose proposition.  Join us this weekend, where we’ll explore how God’s grace is open to all of God’s children, (each and every one of whom He loves!), no matter what we think of them, or how we’d compare them to ourselves.  We gather at 5:30 pm on Saturday, and at 8:30 and 11:00 am on Sunday.  I hope to see you all there!


            Pr. Luther

A Message From Bishop Andy Taylor, Pacifica Synod, ELCA
Dear Friends in Christ,
We have seen on TV the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area and throughout the Gulf Coast. We have heard people ask how they can help. Bishop Michael Rinehart of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod recommends the following: Pray, Give, Serve. 
Oktoberfest 2017 at Incarnation

 Sunday, October 1st
All proceeds benefit ILC’s 
Youth Mission Fund 
           5:30p Dinner / Beer Garden 
6:30p  Polka Music
 7:00p Talent Show
 Sign up to perform! 
Free-will donations accepted.
RSVP to Mindy at 858-487-2225 
Incarnation Lutheran Church, 16889 Espola Road, Poway, CA
Build a House in Mexico - Mission Trip
Mexico House build trip - October 21, 2017
We need $5,900 in donations to pay for the materials. (Please mark donations "Mexico House") Or donate using the PayPal button below.
Mission In Action

2017  Missions of Incarnation Lutheran Youth

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Cameroon Mission 2017

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Mexico House Build 2017

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Parish Nurses - Nutrition & Fitness


Stop by our Parish Nurse table in the courtyard Sunday, September 3rd between services.  Fire Safety Tip!


Call the parish nurse line at 858-487-2225 ext.7021 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any needs. 
All messages are confidential.
To Health!
The Parish Nurses
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